>Is Northern Lights Hiring?

>Today while the kids were getting out their reading books, I made my way around the room to see what they were reading. I set a new copy of Vampire Diaries on a student’s desk and the student sitting next to her looked up and asked, “Miss Lewis, do you like buying books? You are always buying books.” It turns out he was concerned that as a teacher I don’t make a lot of money and shouldn’t have to buy things for school all of the time.
The conversation soon transitioned to, “Miss Lewis, did you know that a plumber makes more than you?” I told them “a pizza delivery guy makes more than I do.”
As the students began to read, I slid a calculator out of my desk and calculated that as a teacher I make roughly $11.00 an hour. After I excused myself from the room for a quick cry, I decided to fill out my application for Northern Lights.

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