>School Uniforms

>As a kid, I always wanted to attend a private school, mainly because of the school uniforms. In the movies, kids who wore uniforms to school lived such exciting lives. I believed that if I wore a uniform to school, I would find myself sneaking out of class to audition to be a regular on DanceTV- or in my case, Dance Party USA. I would be just like Sarah Jessica Parker, with my Helen Hunt best friend. We would meet cute boys and live life on the wild side. Destroying the rich kids’ sweet 16 birthday parties by inviting break dancers and punk rockers. It would be awesome.

As I got older and entered Jr. High, the prospect of school uniforms did not look good. I was stuck on a public school campus, across the street from a local Catholic school. I would daydream about what went on over there. Watching Nuns deomonstrate how to use the pomel horse- perhaps one of the nun’s would really be a Vegas lounge singer hiding out in the witness protection program…

Now 25 years later, our students will be required to wear school uniforms. Ahhh… what shenanigans will these kids try to pull? If I get students named Janey and Lynne look out.

I’d better brush up on my 80’s movies. Gotta stay one step ahead of these guys.


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