>Middle School Talent Shows = AWESOME

After auditioning with the talent of “snapping” – holding one’s arm out in a bicep curl position, setting an object such as a basketball- or whatever random prop can be found in the room because you came to a talent show audition totally unprepared- in the crook of said arm, then suddenly without warning fully extending said arm “aka snapping it” causing the law of inertia to send the object flying in a random direction after which it may or may not be caught- I was sad to announce that H- had dropped out at the last minute.

In his defense, the basketball was a little flat. He opted to perform a new act called, “Take the cardboard box I just found on the floor, set it on the opposite side of the stage, and chuck this semi-deflated basketball through the air and possibly make a basket,” but sadly we don’t let kids change acts at the last minute.

In my defense, that act was dumber than the original one.


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