>A Vocabulary Review

>Today we had a quick vocabulary review. This is how it went.

Me: Before we begin our story, let’s take a few minutes to review our vocabulary words that we learned yesterday. Our first word is “ajar.” Raise your hand if you can tell me what ajar means? (I wait a few seconds while hands slowly start to go up) Ajar, What does ajar mean?

Student: slightly open.

Me: That’s exactly right. When something is ajar, it is slightly open, or open just a little bit. Raise your hand if you can think of something that can become ajar.

Students: a door, an actual jar if it’s not closed right, that lantern in that one story we read was ajar so only a little light came out, a refrigerator door… (I am amazed at how well this is going)

Student: your legs… (And there it is).
Me: How about “tremor”? Who can give me an example of how we would use tremor?

Students: an earthquake, someone who’s nervous, an old person, a Chihuahua, a junkie needing a quick fix…
Me: When might someone beckon another?

Students: a principal might beckon you to the office, a friend could beckon you over to their table, a stranger with candy would beckon the lonely school children into his car and or tell them he’s lost his puppy…

Me: True. Safety First, then Team Work. We can never be too careful when it comes to stranger danger.

Student: And that soccer movie.

Me: Nope. That was Beckham.

Student: Oh, I know an example for beckon: an old lady. There was this old lady in my neighborhood that used to stand at her front door with a bowl full of candy, and she would beckon the kids into her house. She would say, “Come here little kids and get some of this candy.” Then when I went into her house, there was a hole in the middle of the floor and she had a giant whale.

Me: A Whale? Do you mean a well?

Student: That’s what I said. A whale (or at least that’s how he pronounced it).

Me: Was her house made out of gingerbread and gum drops? Did she try to push you into a giant oven so she could cook you up and eat you? You’re a weirdo.


One response to “>A Vocabulary Review

  1. >So many laugh out loud moments in this one…I personally love the "Beckham" reference and the student that pronounced "well" like "whale"…how do you make it through each day, my friend!?

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