>Knock knock. Who’s there? A substitute. Aghhhhh!!

>As I entered the school this morning and made my way through the cafeteria full of students, I heard one of my gems call out, “Miss Lewis!!! I’m so glad you’re back. That sub you left us with was evil.”

In my ten years of teaching, I think that I have taken 5 sick days. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve taught, even though I felt like death was knocking, but my feeling is: it’s just easier to suffer through it, than make plans for a substitute. After being sick all weekend, and practically collapsing at the end of the day on Monday, I had no choice. I called in sick yesterday.

Upon returning this morning, I found these notes from the sub, waiting for me on my desk:

Block 2:

“M—was very argumentative”

“O—was sent to the office, would not be quiet when asked repeatedly”

Block 3:

“D—left the room, went across the hall and into another classroom, punched a kid, and then came back. He then called two girls slang names, which they objected to, and then called me a bitch. I sent him to the office. When the administrator came in to ask me what names he had called the girls, I couldn’t remember. All I knew was, I was glad D—was gone. In fact, 3rd period was the best.”

Block 4:

“I actually had to tell this group to “shut up” during the 1st half of the period. After asking them to “be quiet please” a dozen times—I just lost it. They were unmanageable. An administrator had to sit in here for the last half of the period.”

“This group was awful. S—, C—, J—… the list attached is the group of students who were not rude, uncooperative, disrespectful, or loud during the 1st half of the class.”
*Attached was a sticky note with 8 names on it. I have 24 students in that class.

“I kept 4th period five minutes into lunch. C—never came back to class after lunch.”

“I’m sure the kids will be glad when you come back.”


2 responses to “>Knock knock. Who’s there? A substitute. Aghhhhh!!

  1. >Too freaking funny! Brings back to many memories of when I was subbing. It is 100 times easier to sub in Elementary than Middle School or heaven forbid High School. I eventually refused to sub High School and limited my Middle School experiences as much as possible. Those Preschool kids are too young to know they are supposed to be mean to a sub!!!

  2. >In my sub plans yesterday I asked the sub if he could quickly check over the multiple choice tests he gave that day during his(my) hour and fifteen minute plan time. Apparently, since my plan is the last period, he decided he should just leave for the day instead. Awesome.

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