>What a stu

>I just took a few minutes to read over some of my earlier posts, and I’m afraid that some of you might be under the false impression that all of my 8th graders are a bunch of stus (that’s my top secret code for “stupid” –I hope the kids never crack it). It’s time for me to put your misconceptions to rest because this simply is not the case. The truth is, I have some really bright, talented kids, who constantly amaze me. They can be quite witty, make some really good connections between what we are learning and real life, and have, on occasion, had some pretty intellectual conversations about the books they are reading.

That being said…

Today I gave my kids a pretest on Setting, Mood, and Imagery. I passed the papers out, went over the directions, and tried to clarify any confusion. All seemed to be going well.

It was then, that I noticed a student sitting with her pencil poised over her paper, and a perplexed expression on her face. I watched her for a while. She finally looked up at me, then back at her paper, then back at me and said:

Student: “I think I just forgot how to spell my name.”

Me: “Oh honey. Well… just sound it out I guess, and maybe it will come back to you.”

I watched her for a minute as she sat and thought about it. She then looked back up at me and said:

Student: “Miss Lewis, don’t look at me like I’m stupid. I forgot how to spell my last name.”

Oh right, my bad.

What a stu!


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