>I thought you looked familiar

I have a student who is… well… annoying. Now I know that’s not a very nice thing to say but I feel the need to tell it like it is. (I actually have several students who drive me insane on a regular basis, but tonight, one particular gem comes to mind.)

This particular student has a flair for the dramatics. Everything he says is a production, and usually doesn’t make a lick of sense. When other students call him on it, and tell him, “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would you say something like that?” he feels the need to expand on his nonsensical ideas. Lately, before I call on him, I have to say to him, “Think about your answer. Is it relevant? Is your answer based in reality? Or are you going to need a few minutes to convince us that your answer could, under a very set of completely improbable conditions, perhaps not be too far beyond the realm of possibilities?”

All randomness aside, the other thing that vexes (one of our vocabulary words) me about him, is his looks. Yes. I said it. When I met this child two years ago, as a sixth grader, there was something very familiar about him. His looks, his build, his mannerisms… At first I thought maybe Sloth, from The Goonies. But, that wasn’t quite right.

Tonight, while I was watching an old holiday favorite, it hit me. He’s totally the Abominable Snow Man from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

And just when I thought I had enough problems taking him seriously.

Here’s to making it through this holiday season.


5 responses to “>I thought you looked familiar

  1. >Melissa, Although I would never condone any behavior that would distract you from your education- I'm glad I can provide you with some entertainment.Clearly your teachers are not as awesome as I am. My students ALWAYS pay attention in my class.

  2. >I get KNOW site is meant to be comical and I KNOW you are a good teacher and I can see your kids like you. BUT as a teacher, coming from a teacher, this is really disturbing! I know they are just little middle schoolers, but they are kids who look up to you. A teacher once made an off handed remark about how I would never be smart enough to accomplish anything & yes it was meant in jest, and at the time, my feelings weren't hurt (I knew she didn't intend for it to be mean, just as there is no malice behind your words) but it has stuck with me, and 18 years later I still that story to people and they are appalled that a teacher could be so careless.At least try to make your stories about funny things that don't include making fun of a poor 13 year old girl or boy!

  3. >Just Wondering-I appreciate your comments, and believe me, not a moment goes by that I am not reminded of just how young my little gems are. In this particular case- I didn't actually say my quote out loud. Although I most likely thought all of those things, I more likely addressed the issues of appropriateness and relevance before calling on him. He is well aware of the fact that these are a couple of his goals for this year; the relevance and appropriateness of his comments.Thanks for reading.

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