>Ain’t life a kick in the shins?

>Today in class, we read about a child who got into trouble for kicking another student.

Student 1: “Wow. She just kicked her right in the shin.”

Student 2: “Miss Lewis, what’s your shin?”

Student 1: (While extending his leg he taps the front of it to provide a visual aid) “It’s this part of your leg.”

Student 2: “I thought that was your calf?”

Student 1: (Still using his own leg as a visual aid) “This back part is your calf. The front is your shin.”

Student 2: “What?”

Me: “The muscle is the calf, the bone is the shin. That’s why those things soccer players wear are called shin guards. They protect the bone from getting damaged by the other players’ cleats.”

Student 2: “Oh. That must be why it always hurts so much when I get kicked in the leg.”

Me: “You get kicked in the shins a lot now do you?”

Student 2: (Reaches down and examines her shin bone with her fingers) “Shins? I don’t have two?”


4 responses to “>Ain’t life a kick in the shins?

  1. >This site is funny! I was linked to it through your post on Dear Girls Above Me (which is linked on MLIA as you know!)I am wondering though, if you have permission to put up pictures of your class online since they are minors (unless their parents gave permission). The only reason I'm asking is because I'm sure a lot of your students or "stus" haha read MLIA and they might be directed towards this blog like I was.I remember once in 7th grade, my classmates found my teacher's blog. He listed his orientation as gay, but he hadn't come out to our class. I felt bad for him because middle schoolers are harsh.

  2. >It's too bad nothing like this ever happens at my schools. The kids in my grade are always too brilliant to make hilarious mistakes like that. Sigh. Someone needs to get a sense of humor so I don't have to make a random funny comment or fall out of my chair to lighten the mood.& to boston girl: O.O wow im sorry for that teacher. I wonder how it made them feel. But middle schoolers being harsh is a stereotype and doesnt always fit. I was lucky my grade is usually nice :)…but perhaps that's because they respect me? So I only see their good side?

  3. >This is a wonderful blog! I found you today, and was quite amused –as a future teacher myself (possibly as soon as next fall, eek!), it's nice to get a chance to see the candid view of it all.

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