>Now that’s a mouthful

>Today in our staff meeting, it took less than five minutes to be reminded that teachers can be just as immature as students. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from staff meetings:

“Mr. —- tried to help me with this power point this morning, but he just couldn’t get it up.”

“When kids use this foldable to take their notes, you have to remind them of these simple steps: pinch, fold, then peek inside and find the hidden spot. That’s what we call it, the ‘hidden spot.’ I even made these special signs because some kids really have trouble remembering how to find their hidden spot.”

“Anybody can be nice when you work with them one on one, even a serial killer.” – In regards to picking a student to mentor.

“Oops. It’s looking a little droopy. Try using both hands.”

“This year we need to make sure we personally touch each and every one of our students.”

“My mom hated recess duty, because she had to say things like, ‘Stand in line and hold on to your balls.'”


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