>Full Moon Madness


Me: “You guys have all gone crazy! It is beyond sad when I can tell it is a full moon based on the fact that all of you are acting like lunatics!”

Student: “It’s not a full moon.”

Me: “It has to be. I can’t think of any other reason why I’m seeing this kind of behavior.”

Student: (taking out his iPod to show me his lunar cycle app) “See?”
(We both look at it and sure enough… full moon.)

Here’s a recap of some of today’s events:
After a student makes a ridiculous comment, another student turns to me and says:

Student: “He does that all the time. You should put it in his porn-o…”

Me: “What?”

Student: “You should put it in his porn-o… his porn-o-fio.”

Me: “What in the world are you talking about?”

Student: “I don’t know what the word his… his porn-o-fio.”

Me: “Are you trying to say portfolio?”

Student: “Yah. His porn-o-fio… What? Isn’t that what you just said?”

I introduced the word “subordinate” as part of our vocabulary list for next week. I read the sentence, “The woman was subordinate to the princess…” The kids were able to deduce that “sub” meant below, as in subway, submarine, submerge… but they were clueless as to what subordinate could mean. After reading the sentence again a student, finally said, “Oh! It means to be below somebody, like less than them.”

Me: “Right. In this sentence the girl is subordinate to the ‘princess’ so I’m guessing she’s a commoner, or possibly a servant or peasant.”

Student: “She couldn’t be a peasant. That wouldn’t make any sense.”

Me: “Of course she could be a peasant. She could be poor and…”

Student: “But if she’s a girl, she can’t be a bird.”

Me: “That’s true, and you’re also thinking of a pheasant.”

As I slowly make my way around the room, while reading out loud from “The Hunger Games,” I can hear a couple of girls in the corner talking. I pause, they stop and I continue to read. A few seconds later, I hear one of the girls talking again. I pause, this time for a little bit longer, it gets quiet, and right before I resume the reading, one of them starts to talk again. I set the book down and charge across the room. The girl who is talking turns away from me. As I get closer, I realize she is talking on her cell phone, which she has tucked in her sleeve. I hold my hand out for her phone, and she looks at me and asks, “What?” as the blue glowing light of her phone slides down her sleeve and gets lodged in her armpit.

We had just come back from lunch, and as students are getting settled, I walk to the front of the room to turn on the projector. A School Improvement Leader walks in just as one of my girls yells across the room to another student, “Shut the hell up before I come over there and kick you in both of your balls!”

*Side Note: by the time the day ended, the police had also been called to the school. I am proud to say that I had NOTHING to do with that!


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