>Literacy Night… Fun for the whole family

>Tonight… Family Literacy night! Here are a couple of this evening’s highlights:

During a storytelling presentation, a colleague of mine… let’s call her Classy Lady, gets a shocked look on her face as she places her hand on her shoulder:

Classy Lady: “Oh my gosh. I forgot about this?”

Me: “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Classy Lady: (looking at my clipboard that opens to reveal a storage compartment) “Can you hide this in your secret compartment?” She then reaches inside her bra, pulls her hand out, and passes me her cigarette lighter.

Me: “Where did that come from?”

Classy Lady: “I have to keep it warm or it won’t work.”
Storyteller: (scanning the audience for a student volunteer) “And what’s your name?”

Student: “Sean.”

The storyteller continues on with her story about a character named Sean.

Storyteller: “And Sean, what’s your middle name?”

Student: (mumbles something completely incoherent)

Storyteller: “What was that?”

Student: “Trans Matthew.”

The storyteller continues her story about a character named Sean Trans Matthew…

Storyteller: “And Sean, what is your last name?”

Student: (again, mumbles something completely incoherent)

Storyteller: “I am so sorry, but I can’t hear you. What did you say your last name is again?”

Student: (again, mumbles something completely incoherent)

The storyteller makes several more attempts and finally appeals to his parents to help her out. They tell her their last name, and they practice saying it together a couple of times.

Storyteller: “That’s an interesting name. Is it German?”

Student’s Mom: “No it’s Norwegian.”

Storyteller: “That’s nice. And Sean, your middle name is Trans Matthew?”

Student’s Mom: “Chance Matthew.”

Student: “What? It’s Trans Matthew.”

Student’s Mom: “No honey. It’s Chance Matthew.”

Awkward pause…

Still more awkward silence…

Storyteller: “Well Thank you all for coming, and Sean, I’m glad you learned your name tonight.”

*Side note: Learning how to pronounce your own name at an event that celebrates the importance of literacy IS an example of irony. (one of this week’s vocabulary words)


2 responses to “>Literacy Night… Fun for the whole family

  1. >I had a student introduce herself as "Lil Mama" and insist on being called that for the first few weeks of kindergarten. But at least that was kindergarten – not middle school 🙂

  2. >Laura- that is too funny. I had a kid who wanted to go by "T Money." I kept pretending that I couldn't remember and called him everything but… T-Rex, T Shirt, T Party, T.P. At the end of the class he came up to me and said, "You know what Miss Lewis? Tony will be just fine."

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