>Happy Valentime’s Day

Student (hoping that I would ignore the fact that she was still in the hallway after the bell had rung): “Happy Valentime’s Day, Miss Lewis?

Me: What was that?

Student: What was what?

Me: It’s Valentine’s Day.

Student: I know. That’s what I just said.


Today in class, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wrote love poems.

Me: “Today you are all going to get to channel your inner William Shakespeare to write the ultimate love poem for Valentine’s Day. Many of you have probably heard of Shakespeare- He wrote plays like Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, and many well-known poems. If fact some of you might have seen Gnomeo and Juliet over the weekend.”

Student 1: “Shakespeare didn’t write about love. In Romeo and Juliet, didn’t they all die in the end? Yah. They died. They jumped off that wall.”

Me: “Well they did die, but I’m pretty sure there was poison and daggers involved.”

Student 1: “No. They jumped off that brick wall.”

Student 2: “That was Humpty Dumpty.”

Student 1: “Oh. Right… I never could keep all of my children’s stories straight.”

As I was saying… In honor of Valentine’s Day, the kids wrote love poems. They used similes and metaphors to complete phrases describing a woman’s eyes, lips, skin, hair, cheeks, breath, voice, and walk. (When they finished we compared/contrasted their poems with Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130.)

So with that said- Happy Valentine’s Day!

Her cheeks were as hot as fire.
Her skin is smooth as a book cover.
Her voice was warm as a fresh loaf of bread.
Her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining. (Thanks Bruno Mars)
Her breath was like a bunch of mints mixed together.
Her skin is as cold as a dead man’s heart.
Her walk is as bloomy as she is.
Her walk was as clumsy as a newborn fawn.
Her skin was as soft as a pillow pet.
Her cheeks were round and plump like Rasputia. (Yep… Eddie Murphy…Norbit)
Her hair was silky like spider webs.
Her skin was as smooth as toilet paper.
Her lips were as big as Barack Obama’s ears.
Her skin was tan like a kangaroo’s fur.
Her lips smelled like Carmex.
Her walk is like she’s trying to chase a twister.


3 responses to “>Happy Valentime’s Day

  1. >As I'm finishing up my reading of these lovely gems, I've found a few more awesome lines…Her voice was as high as high as The Bieb's.Her lips were like sausages and just as spicey.Her breath was refreshing like a summer ice tea.Her hair is a colorful as a mystical rainbow.Her cheeks look like the best I've seen.Her eyes were as blue as The Colts'.Her hair is a soft as my fuzzy car seat.Her skin is a pale as my grandma's.Her voice was like a knife in my head. her skin was as tan as Snookie's.Her lips were as red as a bleeding heart.

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