>Farts Are Funny

>We have officially entered the final countdown to the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. To get the kids prepared to take the biggest test of the year, we have been administering practice test, after practice test, after practice test, after practice test. (Hence my lack of new posts- things have been pretty uneventful this past week.)

Although I haven’t witnessed a student’s head actually explode from all this testing, I did come pretty close.

My students were taking their 2nd test of the week, and I was sitting at my desk reading through their posts on our “All Things Awesome” classroom blog. A student, who had just finished his test, got up to bring me his testing materials. The room was totally silent and then it happened… The student had made it halfway across the room, when he sneezed so hard, he simultaneously let one rip. My head snapped up and my eyes locked with the girl sitting directly behind him. The horrified look on her face was priceless. I quickly scanned the room. Yep. They all heard it, and their minds were trying to piece together what had just happened.

The student reached my desk with his papers.

Me: “Are you all right there?”

Student 1: Nods as his face quickly begins to match his red hair.

Me: “Well good. I was a little worried you were going to blow up.”

I must say, that as a whole my kids were pretty mature about the whole thing. There were one or two short whispers, but for the most part, they just went back to their test. A few minutes later, however, one girl could no longer suppress her urge to giggle. For the next five minutes the class would fluctuate between a wave of giggles and silence.

Me: “Go ahead and laugh it up. You’ve got a long day of testing ahead of you. This was probably the high point of our day, and it’s all downhill from here so you might as well enjoy the moment.”

The class finished one last good chuckle. Then…

Student: “Miss Lewis, farts are funny.”

Yes. Yes they are.


2 responses to “>Farts Are Funny

  1. >Damn right they are! For some reason I sat here suppressing a giggle as if I was in your classroom. lol. Wow that must have been funny. I am impressed with their maturity…Unfortunately I have been missing your posts.

  2. >Misscoffeeaddict- I have been missing my posts as well. My poor kids and I are so tested out that the fact they are still coming to school and giving their all is more than I could ask for. I'm still waiting for them to completely revolt. As for my little farter- My goodness. He couldn't have had better timing. We were way overdue for some laughs in room 212.

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