Hot for Teacher

While on a routine trip to Target, I stumbled upon this gem. A Target exclusive: Bimbo Teacher Barbie! 

Dressed for Sex-ccess

Clearly the dress code in the employee Handbook, does not apply to Teacher Barbie. Instead, her carefree spirit and skanky stylish skirt demand attention and screams, “Learning is fun!”  

Her glasses make her look super smart and emphasise her giant brains.  Not only does she have a huge vocabulary, but I can see that she has an enormous heart… and it’s trying to bust its way out of her sweater.

When she’s not spending time with her bestie, Elle Woods attorney-at-law-Barbie, she enjoys making maccaroni art, singing her ABC’s, venturing out on an occasional cougar prowl, and accessorizing.

After winning the Teacher of the Year Award she replied, “It’s like my good friend Mary Kay told me; all you need to do is love your students.”


9 responses to “Hot for Teacher

  1. Hilarious! I like the look. Looks like an outfit I would wear on a typical summer day…what’s wrong with that? 😉

  2. Ha! Julie R. sent this to me (I went to Graceland too…Anne’s roommate on Paloma). This is so funny. I wrote about the same thing on my blog. I can’t find it right now…somewhere in December but it was all about how Barbie is one big Ho bag these days. 🙂 I mean seriously…what teacher dresses like her. This one you have pictured is better than the one I bought. Don’t know why I bought it though….I totally explained to my girls that she was dressed inappropriately! 🙂 ha!

    • Amanda- I think it’s hysterical that you bought one 🙂 However, Computer Technician Barbie- very professional. She comes with sparkly denim tight pants, and a bluetooth head seat to promote safe talking while driving. No glasses, though so I’m guessing me has a mediocre IQ. Barbie Dentist- also a shady broad. – Thanks for reading.

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