It’s all about poop

Today we had an unexpected science lesson in the middle of reading class. A student was sitting in the window sill, typing his weekly blog post- “What would be your ultimate dream job and why?”, when he let out a horrible gasp. Thinking he had dropped his computer, I looked over to see a horrified expression on his face.

Me: “What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

Student 1: “I think so. I just swallowed my gum. I could feel it going down, but I couldn’t cough it back up. It past the point of no return.”

Me: “Well maybe somebody in here has a dream of becoming a doctor. They could start by giving you the Heimlich.”

Student 1: “Oh, man. I just put it in too, and now I don’t even get to keep it.”

Student 2: “Miss Lewis, isn’t that an example of irony, because now he gets to keep it for 7 years?”

Me: “Oooh, Ooh, that is ironic.”

Student 1: (is not amused) “That’s not right. It’s going to be in my stomach for 7 years? Can that kill me?”

Me: “No. It’s not going to be in your stomach for 7 years. People just say that. It will pass through you. Kind of like the stringy parts of celery. You’re body doesn’t break it down, but it will come back out.”

Student 1: “It will come back out?”

Student 3: “Yes. It will come out in your poop.”

Student 1: “Ewww. Nuh-uh. Food comes out in my poop?”

Me: “That’s what your poop is. It’s that part of your food that your body doesn’t need.”

Student 1: “No way. My food doesn’t stay in my body?”

Me: “Are you serious? How do you not know this? Your body absorbs nutrients, and things like fat and protein. The rest gets pooped out.”

Student 3: “You’re poop is waste.”

Student 1: “No way. I’m going to Google it now. Poop.”

Student 3: “Just don’t do Google images.”

Sidenote: Dear legislators, please do not cut science programs in our schools. One of my 8th graders could be your grandchild’s doctor. Thanks.


4 responses to “It’s all about poop

    • I would love to post a link to my student blog, but I’m afraid it would be crossing a very thin ethics line. It contains student writing, and pictures of my students, and due to the fact that they are minors, I don’t think it would be wise to go there. 😦

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