Breaking News: The Titanic is Gay

In order to incooperate technology in the classroom, I have set up a classroom blog for my students. Once a week my students are required to publish a post in reponse to a topic I’ve given them.  Sometimes the topics relate to a story we’ve read or a current event. Other times, the topic might be completely random. The kids love it. I love it… for the most part.  When I see around 90 students a day, keeping up with reading their posts can be overwhelming.  As a result, sometimes posts get published and I  might not notice the content for a couple of days. 

These are a couple of posts I found today.

Topic: Describe your dream job. Explain what the job entails, what a typical day of work might look like, and what you would need to do to obtain this job.

My Dream Job is Photography. ❤
I love taking pictures of everything, Especially naked girls! I think that pictures are so hot. My typical work day would be every single day when i see a hot girl. I should probably take photography classes in high school.

 Topic: Write a review of a book you have read or of a movie you have seen. Provide a brief summary of the plot and explain why you would or would not recommend it to others.

The Titanic
Rate : Zero Star !
The Titanic Is A RETARDED Movie. It Is Realllllly Sad Though. It Is Romantic, And Funny. It is about A Man Who is searching for a Necklace by the name of “The Heart Of THe Titanic” in The sunkin boat ‘Titanic’ And All he finds is a Nude Picture of a Girl Wearing the Necklace. They Anounce it on the news. Rose Calvert (Gloria Stuart) see’s it on the news and contacts him. She tells him that the woman in the drawing is her. She told him the whole story, and then brings up Dawson. Dowson, Is a Boy who got on The boat because he won gambling and is gay.
 Later, She is confronted by Dawson who convinces her to come up from the railing. Rose invites Jack to dinner as a thanks, and after Jack spirits her away to a third class evening of dancing. Rose decides to decide her own future and asks Jack, who is an acclaimed artist to draw her nude wearing only the Heart of the Ocean.
The two then find their way to the cargo hold and find a rich man’s car waiting for them. They proceed to make love in the back seat before the ship hits an iceberg. See?? How Gay Does this sound?? I hate it.

(The student comment that was left… before I had chance to delete the post… wasn’t much better.)

Student comment:  If you hate it so much whyd you do a report on it? god your ugly.

Needless to say, I’ve got about 300 blog posts to scan through before tomorrow morning.  Oops.


3 responses to “Breaking News: The Titanic is Gay

  1. Miss Lewis, this blog is hilarious! I for one stood in line for about an hour and half to see this movie. I swooned over Leonardo DiCaprio, I was 14 at the time, lol. I’ve grown up since then. Did you go on a date with Carter? HA!

    • Mrscampbelle- 1. No. I did not go out with Carter. I am 33 and he is 19 and… Well, you read that post. 2. I had a quiet lengthy discussion with this “Titanic” student about the nature of her post. It turns out, she knew she would get into trouble, but in her mind negative attention is better than no attention at all. I told her that she would have to do her posts via paper and pencil if she didn’t show better Judgement in the future. She did NOT like the sound of that.

  2. Well, let’s hope Carter grows up soon, ha! This girl sounds like one of those ‘Millenium Students.’ The kind that wants their grades and assignments e-mailed and texted to them. “Paper and pencil? What’s that?!”

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