Please Stop Eating Your Gym Shorts

 While my students were taking yet another test this week, I decided to take advantage of the quiet time to respond to a backlog of emails.  I was scanning the room while responding to an email sent from my sister-in-law, who is also an educator in the public school system, when one of my students caught my attention.  I watched her for a while and included my observations in the email I was writing.  The following is part of said email:

… I am literally watching a girl pulling strings out of the inside lining of her shirt- she’s putting the strings into a pile- TO EAT!!!  She EATS string!!!  She literally has a pile on her desk the size of a golf ball and she is going to chow down on the tasty tendrils like they are…

… sorry.  I just confiscated her pile and threw it away.  When she tried to go into the trash after it, I squeezed Elmer’s Glue all over it.  OyVey!!!

 …and now she’s eating her pants.

(some days she brings her gym clothes with her to class so she can have something to snack on)  I tried to look up her “condition” on WebMD, but found nothing…

I have asked the String Snacker about her “issue.” Her response, “I like the taste of string. It’s delicious.”  

I have also reprimanded other students for contributing to String Snacker’s “condition.”  One day I caught a girl pulling the draw string out of her hoodie to give to String Snacker.  String Snacker’s eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning.  I immediately took the draw string and put it on my desk.  String Snacker tried to get any child who needed a Kleenex, or went within a 5ft radius of my desk, to steal the draw string for her.  I eventually resorted to squirting GermX all over the draw string before dropping it the trash can.  I thought String Snacker was going to cry.

On a side note- I had another student who would eat kleenex, paper, pencils, wrappers… one day he surveyed his desk while tugging on the bars and the desk top before asking me in all sincerity, “Miss Lewis, do you think I could eat this desk?”  That student is no longer in my class.  😦


11 responses to “Please Stop Eating Your Gym Shorts

    • That’s what I’m guessing. It has to something beyond just “liking the taste of string.” I’m pretty sure her dad has talked to their family doctor about it, but I should probably do some follow up.

  1. My students eat paper, crayons, erasers, and chew on their shirts until the front of their shirt is entirely soaked, but they are five. Your students don’t even have that excuse…

  2. I agree with Jenn…when i was in 7th and 8thgrade I became addicted to the taste of chalk and baby powder. My mom, the nurse, told me that it was because my iron was low. It’s a condition called pica.

    • I would have to agree with you and Jenn- It has to be something medical. I’m just surprised she is not completely clogged up. My roommate asked me, “Do you think she poops out yarn balls?”

      In college, I was obsessed with brushing my teeth and eating ice because I liked how it felt on my teeth. Turns out I too had an iron deficiency. It’s so weird how the mind and body try to compensate for things.

  3. i Also have a stranqe addiction to strings and i had tht addiction for 3years now im 17 and i dont know how to stop it all started when i was 14 and kids were picking on meh and then i had a low stelf of steam and nobodii knew but meh and then i turned 15 and one day my lil brother caught meh and seen wat i was doing i tried to hide it under the bed like i wasnt doing anything but he saw it then i turned 16 and my parents found out and tried to send meh to brice because they toliet kept getting stopped up and it was all because of meh because off my addiction then i finally stoped because my momm told meh if i keep doing stuff like this im not qonna live i stopped becuz i didnt want to die then my house burned down and my family lost everything and it just made it even worst we are still struqqle with clothes and money and stuff and sometimes i just break down and cry because im not able to bye the nice clothes that my friends were but im guess things will come up one day im just happi im alive to be living

  4. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar
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    • Thanks for reading. I do get the occasional spam comments, but they rarely make it to my actual website. Most get caught in the spam trap and I just delete them. I try to avoid using keywords or titles that would attract unsolicited comments or spam and it seems to work so far.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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