We-we-we so Excited

After I finished reading the first chapter of The Outsiders to my 2nd Block, I let the kids work with partners to complete their activity packets.  I was instantly impressed by how on task my students were.   I approached a couple of boys who appeared to be having a very intense discussion.

Student 1:  “Well, I think she was making a good choice because she got fresh before she had her cereal.  If she didn’t have cereal, she would have been hungry later.  Sometimes I don’t eat breakfast and I always regret it.”

Student 2:  “Well, then she gets to bus stop and that car pulls up- I don’t really think those kids even want to give her a ride.”

Student 1:  “I know right.  There’s two sittin in the front seat and two sittin in the back seat, and she has to think about which seat she can take?  There’s only one available.  I suppose they could have scooted over so she wouldn’t have to sit in the middle, but it’s not like anyone is going to give up their front seat.” 

Student 2:  “I like how she pretends it’s a life and death choice.  There’s no debate here.  There’s only one seat open. There is no choice to make.”

Student 1:  “And some times she doesn’t even ride in the seat.  That’s not safe.  The right choice would have been to wear a seatbelt.  Instead she rode on the hump.”

Student:  “Yah. hee hee hee… Her friends made her ride bitch.”


5 responses to “We-we-we so Excited

  1. Haha I can’t believe how big Rebecca Black has gotten. I find it quite entertaining that they were talking about her music video as though it were something real and meaningful.

    I absolutely love your blog Melissa. Updates are the highlights of my week.

    • J Perschon- Thanks for reading. These kids are ridiculous, but they too are the highlight of my day… sometimes. 🙂

      The kids were upset last Friday because the internet was down and they didn’t get their weekly dose of Rebecca Black.

      • Haha I understand how it would be disappointing. I wake up to a country music radio station and I would be so devastated if they broke the tradition of playing the little “It’s Friday!” clip over and over every Friday.

        It’s the little things 🙂

  2. Okay, so I’d never heard of Rebecca Black. I had to look up her and this song. And… wow. That is truly something. You’re going to do a poetry study on that song, right? The lyrics are so profound.

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