Nerd Confessions (pt. 3)

Missed Nerd Confessions (pt. 2)? No worries.

Saturday- The day things got AWESOME. Literally. 

Seth Green

When K Jo and I originally made our Comic Con plans, we were bummed because we couldn’t get tickets for Saturday. Our plan was to go to Sea World where we would be completely distracted from our heartache. Instead we woke up Saturday morning eager to face the day. I believe our mantra for the day became, “Screw Shamu. We’re goin’ to the Nerd HQ.”  With our Seth Green tickets in hand, we headed down to the Nerd HQ.

In this conversation, Seth Green and Robot Chicken partner Matthew Senreich were joined with their Stoop!d Monkey cohorts.  They talked about how they got started, what they were working on, showed us clips, answered questions from the audience, and then signed autographs.  Yep.  I talked to Seth Green. And shook his hand.  And got his autograph.


After the conversation with Seth Green & friends, K Jo and I headed down stairs to grab some lunch.  We met a couple of girls who waiting for the conversation with Nathan Fillion (Castle) to start. We talked about what a good time we were having and K Jo and I kicked ourselves for not investigating the Nerd HQ sooner. K Jo would have given her right kidney, and her left, to be in the same room with Nathan Fillion. Luckily, she didn’t have to.

We decided to hang around to see if there was any way we could get in. We headed outside and joined about 10 people who were watching those with tickets file in.  After a couple of minutes, we saw the donation bucket approaching. And just like that, we were in!  We headed back upstairs, grinning from ear to ear.  What an unexpected turn of events.  When we entered the room Zachary Levi was welcoming people, and talking about Operation Smile. K Jo settled into our seats in the back still in disbelief that in a few minutes, we would be within pouncing distance of Nathan Fillion.

I quickly glanced behind us and told K Jo:

Me: “There’s nobody behind us.  We can stand up to take pictures if we want.”

K Jo: “Um. Nobody except for Josh Gomez.”

Josh Gomez

What?!? I turned around and saw Josh Gomez (Morgan Grimes from NBC’s Chuck) sitting right behind us. I quickly waved at him to get his attention and he smiled and waved back.  I quietly asked him if it was alright if I came back there for a picture.  He waved me back and I shoved my camera to K Jo and  headed his way.  When I got back there, a bodyguard stopped me. I told him Josh had said it was okay and he let me through.  Just as I was about to pose, I heard Zac calling to the back.

Zac: “Um yes.  It looks like we already have a question in the back? Josh Gomez?”

I’m not sure what the question was because I was too busy trying to decide what I should do. Everyone was now facing us, but I still wanted my picture.  I stood out of the way while Josh answered the question and people took pictures.  When he sat down, I decided to make my move. This time, as I moved in, some guy suddenly came crashing through the curtain and sat next to Josh. (K Jo later told me: “From my perspective, he came barreling through the curtain and pushed you out of the way. Then the security guard was all ‘Grrrrr’ and I was like , ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ while trying to take pictures.”) Great. Now I would never get my picture.  I looked to K Jo for advice, but she was trying to tell me something.

Photobomb that was almost awesome (had it been in focus)

K Jo:  “Awesome.”

Me: “What?”

K Jo: “That’s Captain Awesome.”

What? People don't like total strangers in their pictures? (Yep- that's my hand... wrapped around Captain Awesome! Good times.)

I leaned forward to see his face and sure enough, it was Ryan McPartlin (Chuck’s Devin Woodcomb/ “Captain Awesome”).  I couldn’t believe it.  I’m not 100% sure what happened next because… well… I was standing right next to Captain Awesome!  I went for it.  I wrapped my arm around him as K Jo began snapping pictures. Unfortunately, at that same point, all 200 people turned around and began taking pictures as well. This time it didn’t even occur to me to get out of the way. IT WAS CAPTAIN AWESOME!!! (I guess the blurry photo is Karma’s doing for ruining everyone else’s pictures.)  I did find a clear one online, but I had been cropped out.

Ryan McPartlin & Josh Gomez @ the Nerd HQ

Here’s a better picture of my boys. (That’s what I call them now. My boys. We had a bonding moment. It counts.)

*Update: After stopping by my blog, Megan, who happened to have the cropped photo bomb picture on her blog, sent me this picture this morning.  Thanks Megan.

My AWESOME photobomb with Josh Gomez (Morgan Grimes) and Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome) @ the NerdHQ

All this craziness and the panel hadn’t even started yet. I made my way back to my seat and the conversation was under way. Not only were we blessed by the presence of Nathan Fillion, but he brought friends. Firefly costars, Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin, joined him for the conversation. My favorite- they brought with them a “bag of shit”-  random stuff they had sitting around home, that they gave out to people who asked questions.  (I have a bag of crap in my desk drawer that I sometimes use for bingo prizes. Most of the crap in my bag consists of toys and trinkets I have confiscated from students: bouncy balls, mini decks of cards, slightly used erasers… Their crap was of a much higher caliber.) They gave out signed copies of Serenity (which they all starred in), autographed beer mugs from various vacations… it was great!


I do have to admit that I’m not sure what was going on during most of this conversation.  It was really hard to focus with this guy standing right next to me… not that I’m complaining.   

After another successful day at Nerd HQ, our Sunday plans were beginning to shape up. Sunday would be the Conversation with Zachary Levi; another sold out panel, but we were determined. After all, it was the Nerd HQ-  the place where miracles happened.

To be continued…


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    • OMG, No. I didn’t get it. (I wonder if it went to spam) You totally didn’t have to do that but if you’ve got a picture, I would LOVE it. Thank you so much Megan. You’re good people. 🙂

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