Phone Home

Today was the first day of school. Aside from a few scheduling mishaps and a short power outage, I would say that it was a

I did, however, have an interesting experience at the end of the day.

Mobile phone billsI walked passed the office about 15 minutes after school had let out and noticed there were about a dozen 6th graders waiting to use the phone. The office was crazy busy so I told the kids to come with me and they could use my classroom phone. In the classroom, they all lined up and I instructed them to dial 9 before their number. I then stepped out into the hallway to deal with a locker situation. When I stepped back into my room, several of the kids were complaining because their calls were not going through. I offered to let them try my cell phone and while one student was doing that, I stood over another student to see where they were going wrong with the classroom phone.

“Oh, I see. You don’t need to dial the area code. Just 9, then your phone number.”

The student paused for a second, dialed 9, and then started to redial the exact same way he had before.

“Oops. You dialed the area code again.” I then realized he didn’t know what I meant by “area code.” I simply told him, “You don’t need the 5-1-5, just the number.” Still, not 100% sure that was going to work, he dialed again correctly. He then still stood there holding the receiver in his hand, staring at buttons on the phone. He looked at me, looked back at the phone and then very quietly asked, “How do I hit send?” I put the receiver to his ear and he was floored to hear that it was already ringing.

Mystery solved. Not one of these 6th graders had ever used a landline.


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