Judge Judy, Here I Come

I don’t write many office referrals, but here are a few events that I have documented this year.

April 6, 2017

During passing time, I noticed a student was on the floor in the hallway by the restroom/office. She was laying on her back, in her stocking feet, flailing around. She also had no shoes on. By the time I got to her, one of her sandals had been thrown back to her form around the corner. I quickly got the group of bystanders to disperse,  and as I walked the student, who was still missing one shoe, towards her class, I investigated further. I quickly learned that one of her friends had pushed her down, taken her shoes and then hid in the boys bathroom. I headed to my own class, got it stated, and then returned to the investigation.  I stuck my head into the science room, where I had dropped off my one-shoed friend, and mouthed, “Did you get your shoe back?” to which she responded by scooting her chair back from her table, lifting her leg in the air and waving her shoed foot in the air. My work was done.

February 24, 2017

During Hawk Lab, I had a student who had lost all ability to function. There were 5 of us sitting around a kidney table trying to complete a long over due assignment. This student had already been redirected to got to get back on track several times. (Get your arms out of your shirt, and pick up a pencil. Stop trying to see what’s stuck to the bottom of the table and worry about your assignment that is on top of it. No I do not think it would be cool if you tried to put your shoes on backward.)  Finally, I turned away from him to focus on the other students. We were once again interrupted when the same student got out of his chair to demonstrate to his classmates how he could “flop like a fish.” We stared at him in silence as he proceeded to flop around on the floor. He eventually stopped when he choked on his gum which then flew out of his mouth and landed on his shoe. He was about to put the gum back in his mouth, so I told to throw it away and get back to work. By then it was too late. Lab was over. He never did finish that assignment.

April 6, 2017

b4eea6db8af57e76927044a9879b-should-middle-school-students-have-lockersI was working at my desk during my planning period, when I heard a continuous banging coming from the locker bay outside my classroom.  After several minutes, I stepped out in the hallway to find two girls giggling by a locker. I asked them if I could help them with something, and one of them told me she was getting something out of her locker. I asked her, “Why does it sound like you were trying to open the locker with your head? Get what you need and go to class.”  They kept giggling, and when the locker was opened I discovered that the noise had been coming from a student inside the locker. I told him to get out of the locker and go to class. He told me, “This is my home. You can’t kick me out of my home.” I told him a second time to get out of the locker and go to class, or the next time it shuts, the principal will be the one letting you out.” He looked at, me, then looked at one of the girls (whom I later learned was his cousin) and asked her, “you remember the combination, right?” When she said yes, he looked back at me, smiled and closed the door again. I told both girls to go to class and ushered them away leaving the student in the locker. I went to the office to let an administrator know that a student was in a locker and needed to be liberated. By the time the administrator even left the office, all 3 students were laughing and walking down the hallway.

15 minutes later all 3 of them were doing the exact same thing. They eventually left, only to show up in another 15 minutes to do it a third time.

Update: I found out after school today that the boy’s Grandmother, had called the school because she “heard about the teacher who locked her grandson in the locker.” She wanted the school to know that she was “calling the police and pressing charges.”

Sidenote: The whole incident happened in a hallway right under a camera that records audio and video. I kind of want to go to court just so I can watch the footage.


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