Gotta Love Spring Testing

On Tuesday, I had a student complete is online reading test (42 questions) in about 15 minutes (takes most kids at least two class periods) and he was surprised (me, not so much) when his score dropped about 400 points from his last test.

Yesterday, at his request, I reset his test so he could start over in hopes of improving his score. The class period ended and he wasn’t finished, which was a good sign, so I suspended his test so he could complete it the next day.

Today he logged in to complete his test and promptly asked me, “Miss Lewis, why is my test starting over at question one when I restarted it yesterday?” I told him that was strange and that I was sorry that happened and that he now had two options: he could quit and take his previous score, or retake the test and try his very best. He proceeded to take his test.

50 minutes later, as I’m getting ready to pause his test so he could finish it tomorrow, I look at my screen and see he’s making good progress. He’s taking his time, but keeping a steady pace. He’s on question 19.

As I hit suspend, I look closer at my screen.

“Um Taylor, why is it that you are 19 questions in and you haven’t figured out that you are taking the Math test instead of Reading?”


Now here’s the chance to place your bets. When all is said and done, which one will be the final outcome?

A) His completed reading score will be leaps and bounds above his last score and the two of us will hi-five one another and he will say, “This feeling of success if fantastic! Is there still time for me to write those 5 paragraph arguments that I never bothered to turn in?”

B) He will take 3x as long to finish this test, and will still be 400 points below his last test which he took way back when he still gave two craps about school.

C) He will be absent the next 4 days of class and by the time he returns, the testing window will have closed and this whole week will all be irrelevant anyway.


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