>Now that’s what I call embarrassing

>“BINGO!” A student calls from the back of the room as he holds up his vocabulary bingo card. I let him choose his prize: a high five from someone in the room, a joke from someone in the room, or see a dance move from someone in the room. Naturally he chooses to see a dance move… from me.

Before I can even finish my move, which can only be described as AMAZING, another student says, “Miss Lewis, please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.” To which I respond, “Don’t be a hater. It’s okay to be jealous of my mad skills; most people are. Besides, it would take a whole lot more than this to embarrass me.”

That afternoon, I gave a little more thought to what she had said, and to be honest, I don’t really remember a time that I was truly embarrassed by something that was school related. Oh wait… there was that one time…

Setting: Polk County Convention Center, Downtown Des Moines.
Occasion: Professional Development for the entire Des Moines Public Schools District.

Upon arrival, teachers had to check in with their building administrators. My father, who was a high school principal in the same district, was sitting at his table checking in his staff. I stopped by with a few of my coworkers to chat with him for a bit. We then left to get coffee, but headed back his direction on our way to our first session. This time we walked behind the row of tables. As we discussed which session we were going to attend, I thought, “Oh, I should probably say goodbye to my dad.”

The next thing I know, I reach out my hand, rub his shiny bald head and say, “Have a great day…” As my hand makes contact, I instantly realize- wrong bald head. Yep. I had just rubbed a complete stranger’s bald head. My dad was two chairs over.

Trust me. I’ll take dancing in front on my students over that experience any day.