Haters & Other Things That Annoy Me

I’m not going to lie, this has been a rough week, mostly because I’ve been battling the mother of all sinus infections and have barely been able to complete a thought these past few days. As a result of not feeling well, I’ve had very little tolerance for the attitudes of my 8th graders. I’ve really had to practice self-control to keep myself from laying hands on children. Here’s a  taste of what has annoyed me this week:


A student walks into my room before 1st Block even begins, and he’s got his earbuds in and his back pack on.

Me: “You need to take your ear buds out and go put your bag in your locker.

Student: Ignores me.

Me: “Take your ear buds out and put your bag in your locker.”

Student: Looks at me like I’m vapor.

Me: “I know you can hear me. Take your ear buds out, put your bag in your locker, and if you are tardy, you will owe me detention as well.”

Student: As he pushes past me, “Whatever.”

Me: “I like how you act like this is a brand new rule. You know better so don’t ‘whatever’ me.”

Student: “I just did.”


Two pages into reading chapter 22 out loud, I stop, close the book and set it on the table.

Student 1: “Wait. Why did you stop reading?”

Me: “My voice hurts, and some of you are talking and I am not going to read over you.”

Student 1: “I was listening.”

Me: “So if I gave you a quick quiz right now, you’d do well on in?”

Student 1: Stares at me blankly.

Student 3: “I’d do well because I’ve already read the book so suck it!”

District Writing Assessment

For our spring writing assessment, students had to read three articles (3 really crappy articles, I might add) then make a claim about whether or not violence should be censored from TV and video games. They then had to cite all three sources somewhere in their paper as part of their claim or counter-claim. As the student start writing, one of my gems approaches my desk:

Student:  “I have a sort of unique opinion on this topic, and none of the sources really go along with it.”
Me: “Well, can you use the sources to support your counterclaim?”
Student: “That’s going to be a problems. The counterclaim, because I’m pretty sure that nobody in their right mind would disagree with me.”
Me: “Well, then, you need to be prepared to lose points because the purpose of the assignment is to use text evidence to prove to others why you are right.”
Student: Eye roll followed by sulking back to his desk.
In all fairness, he was leaps and bounds above the girl, who 7 minutes into our timed writing test blurts out, “What are we doing? Are we supposed to be writing something?”
Cain’s Arcade
In my classes we have been talking about the power of social media and what it’s capabilities are. I showed my 4th block the YouTube video, “Cain’s Arcade”. For the most part they really liked it, but of course there’s always a hater in every bunch:
Hater: “Did you see that kid’s teeth? How cheep. He made those games out of cardboard. He didn’t even have any friends. What a loser.”
Student 2: “Man, why do you always have to be a hater? You’re so negative about everything.”
Student 3: “No kidding. You’re pickin’ on a little kid. He’s like 9.”
Me: “It’s true. You are being pretty negative.”
Hater: “Whatever. You guys don’t even know anything.”
Student 2: “Say what you want. He may only be 9, but he still has more swag than you.”
Class:  “Ohhhh!!!! You got told!!!! Oooooo!!!”
Me: “You totally had that coming. You need to lay off drinking the Hatorade.”
Class: “Ohhh… that was a good one Miss Lewis.”
Me: “You like that? I stole it from TV. Feel free to use it.”
And for those of you who haven’t seen the video, Cain’s Arcade, here you go: