Today’s post is brought to you by the letters F-U-N!

Today, for the first time all year my students engaged in some premeditated FUN!  That’s right we had fun, and lots of it.  We spent the entire 72 minute block playing The Outsiders Jeopardy.  It was Socs vs. Greasers competing for Jolly Ranchers, the title of the “Rumble Cup” (which I would draw on the chalk board above the winning team’s name after each game).  That’s right folks.  I gave my kids candy AND they didn’t have to lift a pencil the ENTIRE period.  Best! Day! Ever!

I divided each of my classes into two teams, and then the game was on.  It’s funny how the same kids who greeted me with “Do we have to play Jeopardy?” and “I’m not playing” and “This is dumb!  I don’t want to play!” are the same kids who, after one round, were yelling words of encouragement to their classmates.  “Stay Gold Brandon!”  and “We got this one guys!  If we get this one right we’re all goin’ out for some chicken.  Wait- Miss Lewis?  Will you take us to Popeye’s?”

The last time I laughed this much with my students was when I took a class outside for an activity, and when nobody was looking, we ran to the adjacent elementary school’s playground equipment, and we all went down the bumpy slide that is forbidden to the “middle school riff-raff”.

…and just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, we ended with the annual school talent show.  For the most part, the show consisted of a lot of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber being sung to YouTube karaoke tracks, but it was pretty fun. Two boys did magic tricks, one girls played the violin, and of course the staff… well… it was a sight to behold. 

I hope you enjoy our rendition of the YouTube sensation, “Double Dream Hands.”  You can probably spot me. I’m the one in the front who clearly over practiced.  In all fairness, I do have 9 years of dance lessons under my belt, and I was a cheerleader for 8th grade football AND 8th grade volleyball- YES it’s a real thing! (We had the dance video projected on the back wall to help us out but the video froze and did not match our music. I think that was what really made our performance amazing. )  Enjoy and here’s to one more week of school.

Post Update

 After receiveing a string of HEATED emails from a co-worker today, I felt obligated to take the video off of YouTube.  But after much careful consideration, and this worderful email sent out the entire staff (as a response to said HEATED emails):


 I think you were about 200 cell phones too late to not want to be on YOUTUBE.  Didn’t you notice everyone in the audience filming us?!?  That is the joys of this day in age.  Someone somewhere is filming all the time.  Enjoy your 15 minutes, it is all good! 

 I decided to put the video back up.  So here it is.  Enjoy it for real this time.  🙂


>Rockin’ the Double Dream Hands

>To add a bit of extra spice to our H.M.S. Spirit Week (a.k.a. dress up in crazy outfits and act like fools week) we had a school dance. Awesome. For the most part, all went well- aside from the part where the D.J. accidentally unplugged all of his equipment… twice, but I still can’t wrap my head around the dance moves these kids are pulling out. It’s enough to make you go blind. Today’s most popular move, “stand in a blob of 4-10 people, and do music-pulsing knee bends while you rub your butt on one another.”

Because our students lack common sense when it comes to what is appropriate at a school dance, I have decided to teach them the following acceptable routine: