>I approached one of the boys in my class who was clearly upset by the comments made by one of his classmates.

>Me: That’s not cool. You can’t say that “just because his mom answers phones all day, she doesn’t have a real job’.” His mom has a job that she goes to every day, so she’s able to provide for her family the things they need. And she’s home every night to spend time with her family. That’s perfectly respectable.

Student: But answering phones? That’s not work. Anyone can do that.

Me: It may not be hard labor, but it’s still work. She’s completing a task that needs to be done. She’s providing a service.

Student: I still don’t think that’s work.

Me: Well, what does your mom do?

Student: I don’t live with my mom. I live with my Grandma and she’s retired.

Me: Ok, well what does your dad do?

Student: He’s in jail, but see, he’s doing man’s work.