Twerk It Out

I’d like to personally thank Miley Cyrus for the many ways she has impacted my life as well as the life of my students. As much as her recent shenanigans have annoyed us, we simply can’t ignore her.

Exhibit A)


I took a photo of these two girls wearing their matching Twerk, Twerk, Twek, T shirts. I immediately went online and ordered several for various Secret Santa gifts.

Exhibit B)

A couple of weeks ago, a student made his way up the isle from the back of the classroom pushing the desks further apart as he went. As he walked back to his desk to grab his pencil I asked him what he was doing. With a big grin on his face he told me, “I needed more room because I  wanted to twerk my way to the pencil sharpener.”

Exhibit C)

At the beginning of 2nd period today, as students were getting their folders and settling in, a student randomly asked me:

Student 1: “Miss Lewis, have you ever twerked?”

Me: “Me? What? No. No I haven’t. However I’m sure I would look pretty awesome if I did. But, no. I have never twerked. The only way that would ever happen would be if I accidentally got my finger stuck in a light socket. Even then, it would be involuntary.”

Student 2: “Get your finger stuck in a light socket? That would never happen.”

Me: “Okay, okay. If I were ever struck by lightning, then I might twerk.”

Student 3: “If you got struck by lightening, I’m pretty sure you’d be down.”

Me: “Oh, no. I’d get some good twerking in as I’m getting struck. And then I’d be down. I’d go out with style.”

Student 3: “I don’t really think that would happen because-”

Me: “Seriously? Why are we having this conversation?”

Exhibit D)

And then there’s this awesome video that was posted on YouTube just in time for us to finish reading Catching Fire. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty awesome. We’ve watched it several times.