Highs and Lows of Parent Teacher Conferences

Tonight we wrapped up our final night of fall parent teacher conferences and for the most part, the night went very well. My students and parents were delightful and I enjoyed getting to know a new batch of families.

The Highlight of the Night:

A former student stopped by for a visit. He informed me that he was getting an A in his Economics class and was pretty proud of the fact that he was the only sophomore in the class. He also told me he was on the fast track to graduate early. I asked him what his post graduation plans were and he told me he had already been on a couple of college visits and has been offered scholarships for baseball.  He also inquired about a naughty student I had last year. He then told me, in regards to that student, “We’re friends and we hang out sometimes, but I don’t hang out with him too often. His negativity can bring you down. He’s not the best influence.”

The Low of the Night:

While packing up my belongings in my room , I hear a mother out in the hallway shouting:

Mother: “STOP!”

The custodian, who is sweeping, nearly drops his broom and we stare at each other.

Mother: “STOP!”

This time I stick my head out of the room to see what’s going on.

The mother is standing in the library shouting “STOP” to her son who is already at the far end of the hallway. She begins to follow him and screams:

Mother: “STOP or I’ll call the police and put you in a shelter!”

By now everyone in the hallway is scurrying to get out of her way as she charges down the hallway screaming “STOP!” the whole way.

Apparently, he was following his mother’s directions. While they were in the library, the she had yelled at him and told him to take his ass out to the car.

11 year olds. ???