>Parent Teacher Conferences… round 2

>One of my favorite students stopped by between, setting up for the school book fair, and conference time to hang out. After the events of our last Parent Teacher Conferences, and the enlightening conversation about the Chilean Miner rescue, I immediately got my computer out and started typing. I couldn’t keep up, but here’s a taste of what ensued:

Student: “People think I’m a nerd. I’m not really a nerd. I just know things… but I do want to get one of those ‘NERD’ shirts like yours though. Oh my mom had a friend who was in gifted-and-talented when she was in high school. I’ve known her forever. They paid her way to go to college. Hey Miss Lewis, do you have your iPad with you? I was going to ask you if I could play with it.”

Announcement: “Mr. Vogel, Please come to the office.”

Student: “Hee hee hee. Did they just say Mr. Vogel?”

Me: “Yes. Yes they did. Why do you know who Mr. Vogel is?”

Student: “No, it’s just funny because that’s a car.”

Me: “Nope. That’s Volvo.”

I suggest that the student get out a netbook and work on our class blog or play some games. It gets quiet… for a while…

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