Pee Patrol

Today for our class warmup I put Scattergories List 9 up on the screen and gave the kids 3 minutes to come up with one item for everything on that list that started with the letter rolled.

In one class, the letter was H. Of course for restaurants I had several kids write down “Hooters. In regards to body of water I over heard one student say, “The only bodies of water I know are the Great Lakes, and none of those start with H.” I flat-out told them they would not receive any points for writing “hooker” or “ho” for a Halloween costume. There was a collective groan across the room.

I was shocked when one of my sweetest students shared out his answer for a Halloween costume:

Student: “Hitler.”

Me: “Ummm. I suppose someone could dress up as him but I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact, I’ll just tell all of you right now, that if you any of you show up on my doorstep on Halloween dressed as Hitler, you will not be getting any candy.”

In another class, I rolled the letter P. I had several responses for household chores; most of them were variations of “putting” or “picking up.”

Student one: “Putting the dishes away.”

Student two: “Picking up the living room.”

Student three: “Putting laundry away.”

Student four: “Picking up the yard.”

A could see a pattern forming and then all of a sudden I get:

Student five: “For mine I get two points because both words start with P. Pee patrol.”

Me: “What’s that? Is that like walking the dog or cleaning the bathroom?”

Student five: “I don’t know. It could be either guess.”

Me: “I don’t know about that one.”

Student six says in all seriousness: “I can see that.  One time we had to totally clean out the fridge. We even had to throw a lot of food away because my dad came home drunk and peed in the refrigerator.”

Me: “Those are the kinds of things you probably shouldn’t share in public.”

Student seven: “Or be so goddamned embarrassed you have the common sense not to.”