Beware of Sharks & Justin Bieber

Sometimes I like to do things to annoy my students. I know. Shocker.

Exhibit A: My latest addition to our bookshelf corner. I put it up after they all left today. That’s how I roll.

"Can you BELIEBE all these awesome books?" My students are so going to HATE this.

EXHIBIT B: A more subtle approach…

The other day while we were reading The Hunger Games, I glanced up to scan my kidos- to make sure they weren’t sleeping, texting, cutting their neighbor’s hair- and when I looked back at the book, I mispronounced “sword” as “sw-ord.”

Student 1: Miss Lewis, it’s pronounced sword  like soared.

Me: That’s what I said. Sw-ord.

Student 2: No. You don’t say the “w.” It’s silent. Sword.

Me: Sw-ord

Student 1: You said it wrong again.

Me: Whatever. I don’t hear any differences. (I keep reading.) “I felt the weight of the sw-ord…”

Student 2: No Miss Lewis. You’re messing it up. “Ssss”

Me: “Ssss”

Student 2: “ord”

Me: “ord”

Student: Sword

Me: Sw-ord

Student 1: Never mind. Just read.

I probably should have looked ahead because the word “sword” was in almost every other sentence for the rest of the page. By the time I got to the bottom of it, I had the giggles so bad, I couldn’t have read correctly even if I wanted to.


Last week, we were reading and I said:

Me: Katiss is afraid to go into the field of tall grass because there could be poisonous snakes, or quicksand in there.

Student 1: Or sharks.

Me: Sharks? In a field?

Student 1: Yah. In that lake.

Me: I think sharks like their water a little more salty.

Student 2: No, there are freshwater sharks now.

Student 1: See. That’s what I’m talking about.

Me: Ok. I see what you mean.

Student 1: I tell you Miss Lewis. Sharks are livin’ everywhere. They be growin’ in lakes, they be growin’ in your bathtub… they even be growin’ in your dishwater.

Me: Ok. Now you’re just being ridiculous.

And now- Here’s a special BONUS for those of you who read this post all the way through. In October we had Parent Teacher Conferences. The 8th grade teachers all hold our conference appointments in the library. To direct traffic, we place signs around the building. One of our students took some creative liberties with one of our signs. This was the end result.

Who knows how long our sign was like this...