>Snooki called… she wants her hair back

 Lately, I have been fighting my desire to walk around smashing all of the Snooki bumps the girls have been sporting. Today, a girl walked into my classroom with a towering bump on the top of her head. I wasn’t the only one to notice its majestic height.

Student 1: “Wow. What’s with the lump on your head? That’s ridiculous.”

Me: “Actually, when it’s in a girl’s hair like that, it’s called a bump. I’ve noticed a lot of Snooki bumps lately.”

Student 1: “But man. That’s huge. That’s a huge lump.

Me: “A bump. It’s a bump.”

Student 2: “No, it’s okay Miss Lewis. It was a bump, but then I snagged it on the door and now it’s huge and I don’t know how to get it to go back down.”