>Happy Valentime’s Day

Student (hoping that I would ignore the fact that she was still in the hallway after the bell had rung): “Happy Valentime’s Day, Miss Lewis?

Me: What was that?

Student: What was what?

Me: It’s Valentine’s Day.

Student: I know. That’s what I just said.


Today in class, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wrote love poems.

Me: “Today you are all going to get to channel your inner William Shakespeare to write the ultimate love poem for Valentine’s Day. Many of you have probably heard of Shakespeare- He wrote plays like Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, and many well-known poems. If fact some of you might have seen Gnomeo and Juliet over the weekend.”

Student 1: “Shakespeare didn’t write about love. In Romeo and Juliet, didn’t they all die in the end? Yah. They died. They jumped off that wall.”

Me: “Well they did die, but I’m pretty sure there was poison and daggers involved.”

Student 1: “No. They jumped off that brick wall.”

Student 2: “That was Humpty Dumpty.”

Student 1: “Oh. Right… I never could keep all of my children’s stories straight.”

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