That’s So NOT The Same Thing

Today in class my students were making dictionaries for their new academic vocabulary words for this term. I’m talking riveting stuff like textual evidence, theme, thesis statement and topic sentence

The students had to walk around the room, find various definitions posted on the wall, record them on their paper then head back to their desks. In their desks, they worked on using each word in a sentence and drawing a symbol to represent each word.

As I make my way around the room a student looks up to me and says:

Student: Miss Lewis, these words are much easier to use in sentences. I feel like I actually know some of these words.

Me: Well that’s good. You have a head start then.

Student: Yah, we did something like this in Mr. C’s class but I don’ think I used some of the words right.

Me: Oh really?

Student: I just couldn’t think of a good sentence for the word tranny.

Me: Well that’s probably because it was social studies class and your word was probably tyranny.

Student: Oh, that sounds right. Whatever. Same thing.

Me: Um… so not the same thing. Tyranny, tyranny… make sure you use the word tyranny.