>Des Moines Public Schools are cancelled… NOT

>So… despite the countless prayers from my fellow colleagues, we did not have a snow day today. I didn’t really expect to have one, but as I watched, with one eye open, the school cancellations scroll across the ticker at 5:30 this morning, I found myself holding my breath each time the D’s would come back around.

In first Block, I was missing 11 out of 22 students. I figured a bus was running late and didn’t think much of it. About 15 minutes into class, however, a student calls out:

Student: “My brother (who is in high school) just texted me. He says that school’s just been cancelled.”

Me: “Well that’s interesting since we are all here, and as far as I can tell, we are in class already.”

Another student: “Maybe he means we get out early?”

Me: “That could be a possibility. The winds are supposed to get really bad and blow the snow around a bit. I’ll check on the computer while you guys cross your fingers.”

I pull up KCCI.com (our trusty local weather station) and click on the button labeled “172 school cancellations and delays.” I click on the “D” and scroll down through the list. I see “Des Moines Public Schools” and get so excited that I gasp and accidentally hit the wrong button closing the screen.

I am attacked by a barrage of “Miss Lewis, why’d you do that?” “You can’t leave us in suspense.” “COME ON!”

Me: “Everybody just simmer down. For crying out loud. Give me a minute.”

By now my 11 gems, who did show up, are crowded around my computer as I pull the site back up. I scroll down as we all read aloud, “Des Moines Public Schools, CORRECTION: Schools are OPEN.”

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