At Least Nobody Got Stabbed

With only 6 days of school left, I had to get a sub today so I could attend a Professional Development training. I had told a couple of my co-workers, “I’m going to be gone tomorrow and my kids are going to be working on projects that involve glue and scissors. I’m 85% nobody will get stabbed.”
This was the email I received mid afternoon from said sub:                             
Block One: No major issues.  This block went very well.  A great class.
Block Two: No issues what so ever.  A good class.
Block Three: No major issues.  Had to stay on the case of R—- and B—-.  B—- did nothing.  R—- only worked after I told her that if the behavior continued she would serve a lunch detention with me and a hour with you 🙂  She was fine after that. (Guess what, R—?  I’m still going to assign you a detention.  That goes for you too, B—.)
Block Four: In terms of behavior no major issues for the vast majority of the class.  C— was sent to Mr. J’s for spraying Lysol all over and trying to rub it on people’s ears and face. (Detention!)  B— was sent to work in Mr. P’s room. (Detention!)  N— put white out in J—‘s hair. (Detention!)  90 percent of the time the class was very good.  They had spots were people caused problems.
Mr. H—–
I laughed out loud when I read that last paragraph. 
Sigh… I guess some things never change.