Former Students, New Students, & A Couple of Ducks Just Passing Through

On Monday, I arrived back from spring break to find an email in my inbox from a student I had last year. I do keep in touch with a handful of former students via Twitter, or when they pop in for a random flyby, but letters and emails are very rare. The email read:

Hey Ms. Lewis,

          A______ just gave me your email this morning, she’s slow. So how have you been? Do you like your students this year? I mean they can’t be as great as we were, we did set the bar pretty hight.  I’ve missed you so much. My new English teacher is like 60 and talks in a monotone. She never smiles or jokes around, the complete opposite of you.  I guess I need to accept that not all teachers are as great as you are. We’ve been learning about Shakespeare and we are currently reading Romeo & Juliet. I honestly don’t understand it. I like the modern version that we read with you last year; it was funny and made sense.

* A couple of years ago my students really wanted to read Romeo & Juliet but it’s part of the 9th grade curriculum so I couldn’t teach it. They didn’t care and were very persistent and who am I to deny a bunch of 8th graders exposure to such a great work. So due to the fact that I love to write and never really sleep, I stayed up one night and wrote a 36 page modernized version of the play. Not gonna lie, it was pretty amazing. We’ve read it every spring since then. And I don’t feel bad about it.

A______ , some friends, and I are going to watch The Hunger Games tonight. I’m excited but kind of worried that the movie will be too different from the book. Hopefully it won’t be, but I don’t understand how they could make it PG-13 and can keep all the violence that was in the book. A______ said that you were really excited for it to come out so that you could watch it. I’m sure that you were probably one of the first people in line to see it when they first showed it yesterday.

Well, I hope that you had a good spring break and enjoyed the movie.

G___________ 🙂

I know that teachers are not supposed to have favorite students, but she is still totally one of my favorites.

Another student, who happens to be getting a lot of attention these days, is the New Girl. She showed up in my 4th Block yesterday, and quickly developed a swarm of admirers. Today, she was the first one to arrive in class and I had to intervene when I noticed a gaggle of 8th grade girls, none of whom were even my students,  crammed in my doorway mean muggin’ her across the room. I shooed the girls away by shouting at them, “Don’t even think about bringing all your drama in here.” They stomped away glaring at me. The boys then moved in, crowded around her and got their “flirt” on. It was ridiculous. I think I’ll greet my boys at the door tomorrow with bibs they can wear to catch their drool. Also, the ITBS practice test scores for this class dropped 14% today- the boys were a little preoccupied. (Thank God she already took her state tests at her old school. I’ll have to make sure she’s out of the room when we test next week, otherwise, those poor fellas are going to tank big time.)

Also, I’ll need to make sure these guys are nowhere in sight next week. These ducks showed up outside my window 2nd Block Monday. I’m not sure where they came from, and I’m not sure why they chose to hang out by my window. I am sure, however, that not a lot was accomplished in that class that period. The custodian later informed me that he was pretty sure they’ve laid eggs. Great. It’s going to be a long 9 1/2 weeks.  


>Happy Valentime’s Day

Student (hoping that I would ignore the fact that she was still in the hallway after the bell had rung): “Happy Valentime’s Day, Miss Lewis?

Me: What was that?

Student: What was what?

Me: It’s Valentine’s Day.

Student: I know. That’s what I just said.


Today in class, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wrote love poems.

Me: “Today you are all going to get to channel your inner William Shakespeare to write the ultimate love poem for Valentine’s Day. Many of you have probably heard of Shakespeare- He wrote plays like Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, and many well-known poems. If fact some of you might have seen Gnomeo and Juliet over the weekend.”

Student 1: “Shakespeare didn’t write about love. In Romeo and Juliet, didn’t they all die in the end? Yah. They died. They jumped off that wall.”

Me: “Well they did die, but I’m pretty sure there was poison and daggers involved.”

Student 1: “No. They jumped off that brick wall.”

Student 2: “That was Humpty Dumpty.”

Student 1: “Oh. Right… I never could keep all of my children’s stories straight.”

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